Best minute to win it games for teens

Best minute to win it games for teens

Since its inception in 2010, the international game show Minute to Win It has made contestants do super crazy stuff in a minute or less. All this for some bragging rights, a title, and a grand cash prize.

No wonder the game format has been quite popular all over the world, with it being televised in over 60 countries. Part of its popularity is due to the fact that the rules are so simple, and you get twice the fun in half the time.

What are minute to win it games?

As the name suggests, minute to win it games are activities that you need to finish within a minute or 60 seconds. These games can be divided into individual games or team games. In either format, the goal is to finish the activity as fast as you can.

What are the rules in minute to win it games

There is one and only one rule – try to finish the task at hand within one minute.

In the individual format of the game, two or more players compete against each other to finish the task as fast as they can. For example, eat as many hot dogs as you can in a minute. Yes, that is a valid task and the player who eats the most number of hot dogs in 60 seconds is the winner.

On the other hand, if all the players managed to eat every single hot dog within 60 seconds, then the player who finished all of them in the shortest time possible is the winner.

In case of team games as well, one player from each team compete against players of other teams to complete the tasks within one minute.

In either case, whether individual games or team games, the rule to win the game remains the same.

List of best minute to win it games for teens

We list below some of the best and fun minute to win it games for teens.

Keep the change

Well, this one is a frustrating game and that is what makes it equally challenging. The premise of the game is quite simple. You need to pull a dollar bill out from under a stack of coins which are balanced on the rim of a mug. Sounds easy right? But let us tell you it is not. The whole setup is borrowed from popular magic acts where a magician pulls a table cloth without disturbing whatever is placed on the table.

In case you are wondering, the winner doesn’t get to keep the change!

What you need?

  • A dollar bill
  • A stack of coins, preferably five
  • A mug or thick drinking glass


Pull the dollar bill cleanly from under the stack of coins without them falling. This needs to be done twice in a minute

Sticky balls

Sticky balls or marbles, whichever you prefer. Quite a simple game. All you need is a flat and even surface like a table, with some two-sided sticky tape plastered at one end. Then from the other end, just roll some marbles or small balls. The aim is to try to make as many marbles stick to the tape instead of falling off the table. Sounds easy? Think you can pull it off? Why not set it up and give it a try.

What you need?

  • Two-sided tape
  • Lots of marbles


Roll the marbles from one end and make as many of them stick to the tape on the other end of the table.

Noodling around

Let us be very clear, you are not fooling around with this game, instead you are noodling around. All you got to do is put a piece of raw spaghetti stick in your mouth and pick 6 or more pieces of Penne pasta with it without using your hand.

Sounds easy right, well that is if your spaghetti stick doesn’t break and you have to start over.

And yes, the winner may eat the raw pasta and the spaghetti if that is your thing.

What you need?

  • Raw spaghetti sticks
  • Penne pasta


Pick up Penne pasta pieces with a raw spaghetti stick.

Junk in the trunk

This one is a really fun game, and requires special skills. But the game is pretty simple. You have a box filled with table tennis balls tied to your back. All you got to do is shake and empty the box. Think you are up to the task. get shaking then!

What you need?

  • An empty tissue box
  • 8 or 10 table tennis balls


Empty the box as fast as you can or empty more balls than your opponents.

Elephant March

Time for march past and that too like an elephant. Are you ready? You are an elephant with a pantyhose over your head that has a ball at one end. Now that is your trunk. Using that, you have to knock off water bottles off the floor in order. Doesn’t matter if you march majestically like an elephant, or dangerously as a zombie, the water bottles need to be knocked off. Think you can pull the stunt?

What you need?

  • A pair of panty hose
  • A tennis or rubber ball
  • Empty plastic bottles


Drop all the bottles with the ball as fact as you can and in order.

Penny hose

Yeah it is penny hose and its not easy. You got a pair of panty hose with a penny in each one of the leg. All you got to do is retrieve the penny with one hand without using the other hand or any surface as a support. Don’t think you will nail it, this one is a game of skill and precision. get trying.

What you need?

  • A pair of panty hose
  • 2 pennies


Get each of the penny with only one hand as fast as you can.

This blows

This blows and literally. This is a game of quick thinking. You have to blow a balloon and then use it to make empty glasses fall off a table. Blow the balloon as many times as you want or blow it once as one big balloon and then use it. What will be your strategy?

What you need?

  • A balloon or two
  • Empty plastic glasses


Pick up Penne pasta pieces with a raw spaghetti stick.

The Candelier

Some people get the name wrong, it is not the chandelier but the candelier, a chandelier made from cans. Get the idea? Well, all you got to do is make an inverted pyramid sort of structure by balancing 15 empty cans on paper plates. The structure starts with one can at the bottom followed by a paper plate, then 2 cans followed by a paper plate, then three cans followed by a paper plate, then 4 cans followed by a paper plate and finally 5 cans on the top and then a paper plate.

This is a game of extreme balance and will test your speed and agility. Get going Mr. engineer.

What you need?

  • 15 empty cans
  • 5 paper plates


Setup a inverted pyramid structure from cans and paper plates. The structure should have one can at the bottom and 5 at the top.


It is tipsy all right but no alcohol. Then what is the deal? Well, the idea is to balance a soda can on its edge. You can’t balance a full or an empty can so you have to drink away the soda and keep just the right amount of fluid in to make this task possible. And did we say you need to balance not one but three cans?

This is one of the most frustrating minute to win it games but hey the players get to drink loads of soda. Now, who will want to skip that? Get drinking mates.

What you need?

  • 3 full soda cans


Drink some of the liquid and then try to balance the can on its edge.

Final thoughts on the best minute to win games for teens

Minute to win it games are a great way to bond with friends and have a blast. Nothing like getting everyone all pumped up and ready to win with these quick games. In this post, we listed quite a few ideas that you can use to have unlimited fun with your friends. What twist are you going to add to these all time classics? Do let us know in the comments section below. Have fun and keep winning!!!