Best Foosball tables in 2018 – a buyer’s guide

Best Foosball tables in 2018 – a buyer’s guide

Foosball is a very popular indoor tabletop games that you will find in many arcades, office break rooms, and home recreation rooms. It allows for intense and addictive gameplay and hours of fun family time.

Foosball can be played by two or four players and can be quite competitive and fun for the entire family. The objective of the game is to score by kicking the ball into the opposition’s goal using the mounted players which are controlled by the rods. The winner can be either decided by reaching a set number of goals first or by scoring the maximum number of goals in a given amount of time.

If you are out looking to add a quality Foosball table to your recreation room or want to get your kids interested in the game, you need to buy a quality Foosball table. In this review, we look at some of the best Foosball tables for every budget and help you pick the right one.

Best Foosball tables list

A list of some of the best foosball tables out there in the market.
Tornado Classic Foosball Table- One and half inch thick cabinet with black laminate finish
- Adjustable leg levelers
- counterweighted players
Hathaway Primo Soccer Table- One inch MDF side cabinet panels
- Leg levelers
- ABS counter balanced players
- Solid steel rods with E -Z spin bearings and wooden easy grip handles
Hathaway Playoff Soccer Table- 1/4 inch thick MDF panel
- ABS molded men
- End ball return
Garlando Open Air Folding Foosball Table- Foldable legs
- Weatherproof cabinet
- Anti-rust coated steel rods
- 10 white balls included
Sport Squad FX40 Foosball Table- Compact tabletop table
- Chrome plated steel rods
- Two balls included
Garlando G-500 Soccer Table- One inch MDF butcher block cabinet
- Telescopic rods
- Heavy duty metal legs
- Guaranteed unbreakable players
Carrom 525.00 Signature Foosball Table- 1 inch-thick Moroccan finish
- Chrome-plated hollow steel rods
- Premium bearings for fast and smooth spinning; wood-beaded scoring system
KICK Triumph 55 Foosball Table- Counter Balanced Men
- Unlimited Lifetime Warrany
- Leg levelers
- Premium ball bearings for smooth rolling
Shelti Foos 200 Foosball Table- One inch hardened Melamine Encased, Mahogany Exterior
- Leg levelers
- Counterbalanced Men
- 3-man goalie setup
American Heritage Carlyle 62 in. Foosball Table- Adjustable Leg levelers
- 3-man goalie system
- Hollow steel rods
Rene Pierre Foosball Table- Made of dense fiber wood
- Telescopic rods
- Counterbalanced players
- Moneyback guarantee and warranty
Tornado Sport Foosball Table- Mahogany Melamine finish on a one inch thick cabinet
- Leg levelers
- End ball return

What is Foosball?

Foosball is a tabletop version of soccer or football in which players try to score goals using miniature players attached to rods. The rods can be flicked and moved to position the ball and score. The whole setup is inside a playing box with the rods extending out of the box on the sides.

Foosball is also known as Fuzboll, table football or table soccer. What ever the name though, it is a popular fixture in game rooms and arcades.

People of all ages love to have a go and play it. While not as physical as actual field football, but foosball requires quick thinking, sharp reflexes, and fine motor skills. It is a game of skill and speed.

Foosball can be learned and played by all, children or adults. Once you are good at it, there are foosball tournaments where you can showcase your skills and play against other talented players.

How to pick the perfect foosball table?

A foosball table can range from anywhere $150 to $2500 and beyond. A such, it is a big investment and hence you should make sure that your money is well spent. A foosball table basically consists of a tabletop box fitted on a table with eight eight steel handles, four on each side.

You need to consider the following factors to pick the best foosball table:

  • Type of the table
  • Size of the table
  • Build material of the table
  • Table surface
  • Goalie or defender configuration
  • Counterwieghted men
  • Table levelers
  • Type of playing rods
  • Miscellaneous features

Type of the table

Strictly speaking, foosball tables are of two types – the standard foosball table and the tabletop foosball table.

The standard foosball table is what most of us are familiar with and must have seen in arcades and game centers. These are full-sized foosball tables which come with the playing area as well as the table which needs to be assembled upon arrival.

These tables are generally meant to stay at one place. They are often made of solid wood making them quite heavy and hence are not moved too often.

An alternative to the standard table is the tabletop foosball table. These tables consist of the playing area which can be placed on any flat area and played. They can be even placed on the floor but doesn’t provide a comfortable experience. You can place these on an elevated surface like a dining table or a flat furniture piece and they are good to go.

The type of the table to choose depends primarily on your space constraint, the people you are buying it for and of course your budget.

Tabletop tables are generally smaller in size and lighter compared to standard tables. Hence, they can be easily setup by your kids, requires no extra space and are also easy on the budget.

The downside is that they are not very durable, and are good only for beginners.

Size of the table

The size of the table is the single most factor that will sway your decision on the type of table you buy. The regulated size of a standard foosball table is 30 inches wide and 56 inches long. That roughly translates to two and a half feet wide and about five feet in length.

Apart from this, you need to consider the fact that the fully extended solid rods can add around 12.5 inches on both sides. The players will need some room to play comfortably. Ideally, a seven feet by eight feet dimension is perfect for a comfortable play.

If you do not have that space available, then you should consider a smaller non-regulation sized table or even better a tabletop table. Most tabletop tables are 20 inches wide and 40 inches long. Couple that with the fact that they are much more lighter and easier to deploy make them the ideal choice for low space scenarios.

Build material of the table

Generally, toy and sports tables are made up of three materials – solid wood, particle boards or composite boards.

High-quality tables are made up of solid wood, mostly teak or rosewood. The cheaper and lighter ones are made up of particleboards. And then you get tables made of composite or engineered wood which tries to give you the best of both the types, the strength of true wooden tables and at the same time the budget friendliness and low weight that the particle board tables have to offer.

If you have the budget, always go for solid wood tables. These are the best types and are built to last a lifetime. The only drawbacks to these are that they are quite heavy, so shifting them becomes a pain. Also, as with actual wood, they are affected by humidity and moisture and can go out of shape.

Tables made up of particle boards weigh much less than the real deals but they also are very budget-friendly. You can find models which are available for less than $150. But remember that you cannot expect evergreen performance and quality from these models. They can deteriorate quickly and will eventually become useless.

If you have very young children who are just being introduced to foosball, then, by all means, opt for a table made of particle board. Once they have developed their skills and are ready to upgrade, go for a high-quality solid wood board.

Table surface

Most table surfaces will be made of hard wood, glass or laminate. Glass or laminated finish will make the ball travel faster which in returns give better playing experience. On the other hand, the hardwood finish can slow the ball speed, making for more controlled play.

The markings on the table can either be laminated or made up of stickers. You should stay away from stick-on as these can come out and roll up, often hindering the ball speed. Generally, the high-end tables have laminated markings while the low-cost particle board tables come with the stickers which you should be wary of.

Goalie or defender configuration

Most foosball tables will either be of one configuration – a single goalie or a three goalie configuration. The goalie setup is actually one goal keeper and two defenders lined up side by side.

There is no rule or regulation that dictates which is the ideal setup. It is a matter of choice and game preference. Most foosball tables in the USA are three-man setups while tables manufactured in the UK are one-man goalie configuration.

The three-man goalie setup is meant for fast paced game play where you have more players to control, stop or flick the ball. On the other hand, the one-man goalie setup allows for more skilled and precision based gameplay as you need to time your shots to score.

If you are buying a table for young kids, go with the three-man goal setup. This way, scoring will be a little difficult but at least nobody will feel overwhelmed. As their skill and game improve, you can opt for the other setup.

Counterwieghted men

The players or men on the rods generally have weights on their feet. This way, when you release them, they rest in the natural position. But this is not a good thing if you are playing a one-on-one game where your players may block your shots. This is why counterweighted men or players make sense. These have equal weights in both their heads and feet so when you twist them in a horizontal position, they stay like that instead of turning.

Most tables have counterweighted men but in case they don’t, opt for a table which has this feature.

Table levelers

The table should be absolutely horizontal to allow for an equal level of advantage to both sides. Just in case, you do not have a level floor, table levelers on the table feet allow you to adjust them to allow for fair play.

The table levelers are generally screw-based where you can adjust their height to increase or decrease the leaning of the table. Always ensure that you have these on the table that you are buying or you would have to opt for quick and dirty hacks later to adjust the table level.

Type of playing rods

The playing rods are the single most important aspect of your entire foosball game. These rods control the players and allow you to play.

These playing rods can either be solid steel rods or hollow steel rods. If the rods are solid, they are a little heavy and tends to make your game a little slow. On the other hand, hollow rods allow for faster movement and speed while playing.

While there is nothing wrong with solid rods, remember that these add weight to your overall table weight and also affect how well you play.

Also, the way these rods are attached to the table makes a lot of difference. Some rods have ball bearings on them and allow for smoother turns.

The grips on the rods should be made of high-quality plastic or rubber to ensure optimal grip.

On most tables, the rods protrude on the other side when pushed in but some tables come with telescopic rods which push into themselves which make them safer.

These are small considerations that you need to check to ensure that you are getting a good deal.

Miscellaneous features

Apart from the factors discussed above, there are some other small features that are offered with some tables. These can include features like score keeping beads, extra balls, availability of spare parts like the players and warranty. If other tables in the same budget and range come with extra features, nothing like that. But do consider if these are worth it if you need to pay a little extra for them.

Which are the best foosball tables and what our picks are?

Tornado Classic Foosball Table review – Best high-end foosball table

Best high-end foosball table
The Tornado Classic foosball table is a solidly built, made in the USA foosball table that spells quality. The cabinet is one and half inch in thickness, which is quite durable.

All parts of this table are of high quality, be it the rods, the laminated playing surface or the adjustable leg levelers.

The table weighs at a solid 225 pounds but doesn’t let it scare you away. This is one table built to last.

The steel rods are hollow and allow for smooth and quick movement. One other desirable feature that this table boast of is the counterweighted men. Many top models at this price range do not have this feature which is highly sought by professionals.

This table is the US styled 3-man goalie setup.

Ball return is on the side and is very convenient.

The table is available in a black color laminate finish and comes with a one year warranty.

For its solid build, high quality and host of features, the Tornado Classic Foosball Table is our editor’s choice for the best high-end foosball table
  • Solidly build using high-end MDF
  • Counterbalanced players
  • Commercial grade table levelers
  • Expensive

Hathaway Primo Soccer Table review – Best mid-ranged foosball table

Best mid-ranged foosball table
The Hathaway Primo Soccer Table offers a good mix of quality and an affordable price point. The table is made of MDF and the cabinet is one inch in thickness.

The table weighs around 130 pounds making it not very heavy bt heavy enough to offer stability while playing. Most lighter tables can move while playing and can affect gameplay.

This table boast of solid stainless steel rods with E-Z spin bearings which make spinning and moving the rods easy. It is a shame that the ball bearings are made of plastic instead of steel.

This table is the US styled 3-man goalie setup.

The players are made of ABS and are counterweighted.

The table has stainless steel cup holders on both sides to hold refreshments and also score keeping beads.

The table has leg levelers allowing to adjust the table incline.

For its reasonable build and affordable price, the Hathaway Primo Soccer Table is our editor’s choice for the best mid-ranged foosball table
  • Constructed from high-end MDF
  • ABS counterbalanced players
  • Table levelers
  • Solid stainless steel rods with E-Z bearings
  • Not very durable

Hathaway Playoff Soccer Table review – Best economically priced foosball table

Best economically priced foosball table
The Hathaway Playoff Soccer Table is a good table for its price. It is well suited for introducing kids and adults alike to the game of foosball.

The table is not a standard size table, it is much smaller, measuring at 48 inches in length and 24 inches in width.

The table is made of particleboard and weighs just 49 pounds. As such, the table may move during gameplay.

This table comes with chrome plated hollow stainless steel rods.

This table is the US styled 3-man goalie setup.

The players are made of ABS.

This table is not very sturdily built but for its price range, do not expect anything more. It is a good table to get started with.

For its low price range, the Hathaway Playoff Soccer Table is our editor’s choice for the best economically priced foosball table.
  • Economically priced
  • Ideal for children
  • Not very durable
  • Not a full-sized table

Garlando Open Air Weatherproof foldable foosball table review – Best foldable foosball table

Best foldable foosball table
The Garlando Open Air Weatherproof foldable foosball table is a decent table with foldable legs. This allows to fold and move the table around to save space.

The construction is of PVC but the table weighs around 132 pounds so it is quite sturdy.

The cabinet boasts of weatherproof construction.

The steel rods are coated with an anti-rust chromium coating and consists of steel roller bearings for smooth gameplay. They are also telescopic making them safe while playing.

The players are molded onto the bar and are quite durable.

This table is the UK styled 1-man goalie setup.

For its design aesthetics, the Garlando Open Air Weatherproof foosball table is our editor’s choice for the best foldable foosball table.
  • Foldable legs
  • Weatherproof design and build
  • Expensive

Sport Squad FX40 Foosball Table review – Best tabletop foosball table

Best tabletop foosball table
The Sport Squad FX40 Foosball Table is a good tabletop foosball table but thats it. It should not be taken seriously or considered for serious play.

It is ideal for small children or casual adults to get together for some rounds of fun.

The construction is of composite wood.

The table measures 40 inches in length and 20 inches in width.

The steel rods are chrome coated with rubber grips.

The entire setup weighs just around 23 pounds.

For its simple design and affordable price, the Sport Squad FX40 Foosball Table is our editor’s choice for the best tabletop foosball table.
  • Best tabletop foosball table
  • Affordable
  • Not for serious play

Final thoughts on the best foosball tables to buy

Foosball is a fun game and allows for quality family time and recreation. As such, investing in a good foosball table is an excellent choice. In this post, we reviewed some of the best foosball tables across various categories. We hope this will help you pick the right table that suits your needs. Have fun and keep scoring!!!