About us

Welcome to GoGetAToy and thank you for taking out the time to get to know about us.

GoGetAToy is an online resource where we provide the best toy reviews and gift ideas for your children and loved ones.

Picking the perfect toy for your kids is not an easy task and we know that. To make it easy for you, we pick the best toys in their respective categories and provide details about them and compare them on the basis of their advantages, features, and overall standing.

Who are behind GoGetAToy?

GoGetAToy is run by Zubin Johnson and Trish Johnson. In their roles as working professionals and proud parents, Zubin and Trish have over nine years of experience in evaluating and analyzing the best toys in the market. They have a special liking for electronic and STEM-themed toys. In their free time, Zubin and Trish love to volunteer at the local community center and share their experiences about parenting.

Our Goal

We want to help parents find the perfect toy for their children. With our experience and passion for parenting and children, we strive to review only the best toys out in the market. At Go Get A Toy, we want to make the process of choosing a toy an easy one. If there is a special type of toy that you want us to review for you, do let us know using the Contact Us form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.